The Laura Strunk Team March Madness Bracket

March MadnessDo you want to enter a FREE March Madness bracket and have the potential of winning Money!!!! The Laura Strunk Team of Keller Williams is running a March Madness Bracket with a ZERO money entry and the top three winners will win $$$$. $100 to our first place winner $75 for second place winner and $50 for third place winner.


There are TWO STEPS in order for you to be fully entered and eligible to win the money.

1. Step one Log in and create your account and select your teams. Detailed directions listed below.

Detailed Directions

1. Register as a user at
When registering, you will choose a personal username and provide your e-mail address. When you click Join, will send you an e-mail with a password to login to the site.
2. Login to with the username you chose and the password sent to you.
3. Go to the ‘Pool Tools’ menu and choose ‘Join a Private Pool’.
4. Choose ‘College Bracket Challenge’.
5. To Join the pool you need to enter the Pool ID and Pool Password.
For the Pool ID type: LauraStrunkTeam
For the Pool Password type: Kellerwilliams
That’s it and then you’re in! The next time you login in to, you can get back to your pool(s) by going to ‘My Pools’ where you’ll see all the pools you’ve joined. Clicking on a pool name will take you to that pool. You can switch to a different pool by going to ‘My Pools’ again at any time.

2. Step two – Click the link below and fill out the following form with all your contact information. We do this for two reasons – one we need to know how to get your money when you win and two we would like to continue to communicate with you and be your real estate resource in the future.
Click here to finalize your registration!

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