Your Home Inspection is today . . . now what do I do?

Congratulations you have a contract accepted on your home and your home inspection is scheduled for today.      However, you are really not sure what happens at the home inspectin or what you should even do while there.    So here my top five tips for you to follow during your home inspection.



  1. Ask Questions . . . this is your opportunity to find out as much information about the house.  If you don’t understand something ask the question.     One of my favorite questions to ask the inspector at the end of the inspection “Would you buy this  house?”
  2. If you have any concerns prior to the home inspection write them down and bring that list with you.
  3. Take notes.  Even though your inspector will give you a report with all of their notes it is best if you also take notes as he or she is talking.
  4. Follow the inspector around at all times.  Do not just sit in the living room and wait for the insepctor to finish.  You will miss important details and information by not following the insepctor around.
  5.  Ask the inspector to share with you home maintence tips as well as defects.   A good inspector will do both.
  6. Bring labels for your main water cut off, gas cut off, and hose bibs.  Some inspectors do this but bring your own just in case that they don’t.
  7. Focus on three types of repairs  1.  Large ticket items   2.  Safety concerns  3.  Small items that if not addressed will turn into a large ticket item.    Remember that a home inspection is not to address cosmetic items.       You want to make sure your home is safe and will not become more expensive than you were thinking because of expensive repairs.
  8. Bring a tape measure.   This is a great opportunity to measure rooms for furniture.
  9. Do NOT bring a family member that has not seen the home yet.   Have that family member come out to the home prior to the home inspection.  Remember you are going to spend 2-3 hours hearing everything that is wrong with the home.    If you bring a family member the first time to see the home at this moment they don’t ever have the opportunity to see how special the home is before they hear all the negatives.    I find that when this happens that family member pressures the buyer not to buy the home when there can be repair negotiations that can be a solution.
  10. Don’t make any decisions at the home inspection.  Get the full report, review it and then make a decision concerning repairs or moving forward at that time.


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